"There is never a perfect time for anything. So do not sit down, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to unfold and the right opportunity to come to you. Step out of your comfort zone and start taking baby steps. And if you fall, rise up and keep going. Because if you learn from your failure, you have just won a victory."

Grace Jerolgan, Co-founder & CEO


The journey began in September 2020 when Daniel Dang was contacted via LinkedIn by several Tech recruiters for different job opportunities in Europe and the US. As a highly skilled Software engineer, he was used to receiving such messages.
However, this very time, he realised that almost every job opportunity he was contacted for was not in line with his experiences or skills. And the rarest time it was the case, the interview with the recruiters was ineffective.

They either did not know much about the technical aspects of the project they were recruiting for or could not answer the questions about the language stack required.
He discussed his experience with his software. engineers colleagues and friends and they all had similar concerns.

In October 2020, Daniel decided to talk about what he thought about tech recruiters with Grace Jerolgan who was at that time a recruiter herself. She confirmed that at most recruitment agencies, technical roles like Software development are handled by the same recruitment consultants that manage non-technical roles like Business development which makes it hard for them to well assess candidates’ technical competencies.

This explained why Tech professionals were contacted for technical jobs that were actually irrelevant to their experiences and competencies. And getting the right candidate for the right role was often due to the intensive experience the recruiter has in working on such types of roles which not all recruiters had.
But never did recruitment agencies have a software engineer involved in the selection process of a developer role. It was not even a reasonable thing for agencies to do, considering the many talent acquisition consultants they already had on board and other operating expenses they managed.

In November 2020, Daniel had a conversation with the CEO of the company he was working for, an incredible Venture builder in Andorra, to find out about what was his experience of working with recruiters to fill software development vacancies in the company. And surprisingly, his CEO told him that he quit working with recruitment firms because it was ineffective.
They did send him a lot of candidates indeed but most of them did not match the technical requirements. He had to thoroughly screen the shortlists they sent him again which made the whole process long and time-consuming.

Having heard all this negative feedback on IT recruiters, Daniel and Grace took the bold step to start in December 2020, a recruitment firm that would change how Tech recruitment was done: Bayebi Recruiting; Bayebi meaning “They know” in Lingala - one of the official languages spoken in Republic of Congo where Grace was from and in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Their purpose was simple: bring on board highly skilled IT professionals to help with the recruitment strategy development and the candidates vetting. These tech consultants would better assess our clients’ needs and define ideal profiles requirements with CTOs or equivalents in order to provide them with more quality shortlists and faster as well as to give candidates a better recruitment experience.


Just in three (3) months, after its official launch in January 2021, Bayebi had already placed eleven (11) developers in startups and SMEs. It did not take long to demonstrate that employing experts would transform the way Tech hiring was done.
The process was faster, taking usually one month. The recruitment fees were cheaper and the quality of shortlisted candidates was better.

In April 2021, our clients came back with a new challenge. They asked if we could help them with hiring their compliance officer, growth marketer or Finance controller.
Having built our brand on being a true partner to our clients by being able to meet their hiring needs, we decided to do what we did with their Tech hiring. Thus, we brought business professionals on board to help us with developing the recruitment strategy and the vetting process. And in the same month, our consultants were able to find for our clients their new team members.

Until now, Bayebi was focused on the Spanish market. And in May 2021, we decided to conquer Andorra, Spain’s neighbour where IT profiles were highly demanded.
However, when we arrived in the market, we were courted by business owners and small companies to address their operations inefficiencies. This had nothing to do with recruitment, but our Co-founder Grace had experience in helping small businesses optimise their workflows. We gladly, therefore, took up the challenge and helped our new clients.

And this is how a new vertical of our business was born: Bayebi Outsourcing.

Having discovered the Andorran market and fell in love with its beautiful landscapes, people and tax-friendly environment, we decided to move our firm to Andorra in June 2021. In the process, we changed the business name from Bayebi to Bayebi Consulting.

And instead of having two verticals: Bayebi Recruiting and Bayebi Outsourcing, we created a one-stop consulting firm with three (3) tailored services: Business advisory to guide entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses, Business analysis to continue helping our current clients and the future ones to optimise their processes and grow their business and finally, Recruitment to keep addressing their staffing headaches.

From these humble beginnings as a recruitment firm looking to improve tech recruiters’ reputation, Bayebi has grown into a consulting firm with a mission to empower you to succeed. The journey is still long but we continue to evolve into the strategic partner that has your business needs at heart and who will go above and beyond to meet them and see you achieve long-lasting success.

Thank you for being part of our story.