Start your business, inspired, prepared and empowered.

We assist you in finding innovative and lucrative business ideas if you have no clue on which service to offer or product to sell thanks to our…

Business mentoring initiative

The business mentoring initiative offers one on one assistance in finding the right product to sell or service to offer, taking into consideration, your competencies, vision, passion, your environment and budget as well as the market situation.

And if you’ve already found your business model, our experts could help you with...

Market research

So you have a brilliant business idea and want to find out if it can be done the way and where you plan to? We got you covered.

Our team of Market research specialists will gather and critically analyse information about your target market and customers through the adequate research design and provide you with results and recommendations so you could make an informed decision.


Strategy development

We put at your disposal experienced business advisors to help you research and identify the best strategic options, select the most promising one and decide how to locate your resources across the organization to achieve your objectives, whether is to increase customer satisfaction, expand in a new market, launch a new product, reduce ongoing business expenses, grow your team or shareholders value.

Revenue model design

Looking for the best way to generate revenue for your business? Look no further. You are at the right place.

We develop the right strategy for you, providing you with data-backed revenue generation techniques, potential revenue sources and target market data tailored for your business. We also help you analyse your pricing strategies or come up with the best pricing model for your products or services.


Business plan and Pitch deck redaction

Save time and boost your chances of raising capital by outsourcing the redaction of your Business plan or Pitch deck to experts. We write complete and professional Business plans as well as Pitch decks tailored for your industry. Our plan and presentation structures have been tested and proven and will surely impress your future investors.

In addition, we assist you with...


We know how stressful and complicated it is to raise capital for a project. We have been there.

Our goal, therefore, is to help you raise funds in a way that is appropriate for your company’s stage of growth, goals, and challenges. We team you up with CFOs that have helped businesses like you raise hundreds of millions of dollars, euros and pounds.

We assist you in developing a custom Capital financing strategy, connect you with our network of angel investors, venture capital firms and lenders.
Our experts will help you prepare, organize and keep up to date your financial data, reports, and forecasting as well as negotiate the best terms for your company.


We believe your brand is crucial for your business success and that no business is too small to have an attractive and quality brand.

That’s why at Bayebi Consulting, we make sure your brand occupies a distinctive place in the mind of your target market.
We offer affordable and quality branding services such as style guide documentation, business name, tagline and slogan creation, logo, websites and landing page design. And we have special packages for rebranding projects.

Not only that, we further ensure you have all you need for your business to be up and running by helping you with...

Business setup

Setting up a business can be complicated and bureaucracy in certain countries, states and provinces can be overwhelming.

Relax and let us help you choose the appropriate legal structure for your business and take care of all the paperwork.
We partner with reputable local law and accounting firms as well as government agencies. We can, therefore, help register your business whenever you want.


Accounting and Tax preparation

Do you need help with ongoing bookkeeping and tax preparation? 

We can take care of that wherever your business is established. We have on our team qualified accountants and tax experts who will help you have swift and compliant financial management.

EU residency by investment

You are a businessman or woman and want a second residency in European Union but don’t know how to proceed? We can help you out.

We advise you on the best residence by investment programs based on your needs and requirements. We also guide you through the process with the help of our renowned legal partners specialised in immigration law.