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How to choose the right Tech Recruitment partner?

Has your Lead software engineer left you amidst a project, and you have a vacancy to fill? Or you have a new position of a Data analyst that will help you grow exponentially… There are many reasons why you may need to hire. But hiring is not an easy task, and that what you are worried about. It can make or break things in your organization. A good hire can help you grow, and a wrong one can lead you to various overheads.

So, the big question is, how can you ensure the best talent recruitment? Nothing is guaranteed in this world, but working with the right recruitment agency can increase your chances manifold. And we are going to show you in six (6) steps how you can choose a recruitment partner that will ensure the best tech talents make their way to your company’s doors.

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should you accept a counter offer
Should you accept a counter offer: How to decide?

Have you found yourself in this situation: you are unhappy at work or maybe you feel underappreciated or underpaid; you got denied a promotion that you thought you deserve or you are just completely overloaded? So, you put together a CV, start to look for what else is on the job market, or a recruiter contacts you and you decide to further discuss the job opportunity. Then you get through the interview process and before you know, you land an offer for a brand new role. As you inform your current company about the situation, they suddenly scramble a counter offer. They are promising you all sorts of things like a new job title and or a bigger compensation package.

On one hand, you must be feeling special. On the other, you are doubtful and confused, and the worst, you are back to square one where you first thought “Should I go or should I stay?”. From our extensive experience as recruiters, managers, and employees, we got real-life knowledge and some statistics to help you decide what to do in such a situation.

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should you outsource the hiring of your new employee(s) or do it in-house
In-house or agency recruitment: how to choose right?

Every business thrives thanks to its people: the clients, shareholders, and especially, the employees who dedicate the biggest part of their life to ensure the company subsists. Nevertheless, there are times, these employees leave the company or for one reason or the other,  you have to replace them. Other times, you need to grow your team(s) by hiring new members. And to be one step ahead of the competition, it is vital you hire an employee with the right and best skills set and experience for the role.

Here is where the dilemma arises: should you outsource the hiring of your new employee(s) or do it in-house? We bring you today the answer. At end of this post, you will know if you should hire through a recruitment company or do it yourself. We will also let you understand when to choose one approach over the other, critically analysing the pros and cons of each choice.

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7 exclusive interview tips to help you get that tech job

So you’ve landed an interview that you just want to crack or you are being proactive and want to learn the interview tips before you are even invited? Anyway, congrats! Maybe this is your dream job interview or a company you always loved to work for. No matter the reasons, you need to be prepared.

And as a good career partner, we bring you 7 exclusive interview tips that will help you get hired for that software development job.

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tech recruitment
How To Win Top Tech Talents Over Bigger Companies

You are a startup, SME, or just starting one and you are looking to hire tech talents; let’s say a software engineer to develop your product or service. You are not just searching for good IT profiles but for the best and the brightest.

However, you are faced with one big challenge: the fierce competition for top tech profiles. You are competing with other startups, SMEs, and bigger companies for the same skill sets to develop innovative technologies for probably the same clients or customers. And you might not have yet built a strong brand reputation, ergo, your potential candidates do not know or know very little who you are and what you do. As highly solicited profiles, they are likely going to choose a tech giant like Google, Apple, Facebook, or Microsoft over you. Besides, such highly skilled employees usually expect lofty compensation package that most small companies cannot afford.

Considering all this, how can you win the battle for IT talents? — Here are 5 proven strategies to step ahead of the competition.

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Build a strong personal brand
How to build a strong personal brand in tech

Attracting the right business opportunities or job offers is not an impossible career goal. If you have the desire and the knowledge to build a strong personal brand you could be a magnet for great opportunities. And developing a personal brand that speaks for you is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your career in software development.

But what on earth is a personal brand?

Your personal brand is the perception people have of you. It is what others think and says about you, their feeling towards you online or in real life. Creating a personal brand is about building trust for yourself or your business. It guarantees your proficiency and expertise in a particular field.

To build an effective personal brand as a Software engineer or developer that will make you stand out from the crowd in this competitive job market and attract the right employers or clients – check these powerful tips.

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