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Our approach

Our story

We’ve grown from a recruitment firm in Barcelona to a leading management consultancy of more than 100 developers, technicians, product designers, graphic designers and digital marketers in 8 countries serving the European, African, and Latin American markets.

Today, our mission is to help businesses and entrepreneurs improve their operational performance, deliver their products and services more efficiently and grow their business in existing and new markets.

Our leadership

Having several years of experience in the digital transformation field, our leaders have a proven track record in building and sustaining quality brands and products that resonate with users.


Managing Director

Passionate about nurturing a diverse environment and enabling people to do amazing things.

Daniel DANG

Head of Operations

Passionate about software excellence and using the power of technology to improve society.


Head of Software Development

Passionate about delivering the best technology solutions to the world.

Rodrigue Njinang

Head of Telemetry

Passionate about the intersection of business and technology.

Marlyse TCHAWO

Client Success Manager

Passionate about digital transformation and how it fosters businesses’ success.